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Ideal for bathrooms and kitchens,

our vinyl shutters stand up to humidity

A versatile alternative to blinds, we provide a number of styles and colours.

Vinyl shutters

If you’re looking for shutters to suit your kitchen, bathroom or bedroom, look no further than vinyl shutters from Impact Interiors.

A practical solution for almost any room, vinyl shutters are easy to fit once we create them bespoke for your window. These shutters are also easy to keep clean, requiring a simple wipe every so often.

Home Visits & Installation

Wherever you are in Hitchin, Letchworth, Shefford, plus most of Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire, our team can provide a free home visit and measuring service, ensuring you receive high quality shutters and a personal service.

For more details on vinyl shutters, or for your free home visit, simply get in touch with our professional and friendly team today.

Shutter Specifications

  • We offer the widest range of S:CRAFT made to measure shutters, backed up by our experienced team of measurers and fitters.

    Shutter displays are available to view free of charge in your own home or in our shop, and we can give you a price estimate when we visit.

    Contact us today and we'll arrange an appointment or no-obligation quote from one of our trained S:CRAFT surveyors. The surveyor will visit you at your home, bringing a full set of materials, frames and colour samples for you to choose from. They'll also be in charge of the shutter installation, so are best placed to discuss the right solution for your windows with you.

    Once you've chosen and ordered your shutters, we will contact you to book an installation appointment. Our surveyor will come to fit your shutters and provide you with a three-year warranty.

    Take a look at the full range of shutter installation options and material choices via the links above, or visit our shop where you can see a range of styles on display.

  • Paulownia Hardwood Range

    Paulownia is a lightweight, strong and fast-growing hardwood sourced from FSC sustainable forests in Northern Asia.

    Paulownia Hardwood offers excellent dimensional stability due to its engineered core, which greatly reduces the possibility of warping. Its fine grain texture, knot-free appearance and low oil content makes it the perfect timber for staining and painting.

    We use the hardwood for all elements of the shutter frame and panels. We use mortice and tenon joinery, and all our hardwoods are kiln-dried and available in any stain or colour.

    The Paulownia range is available in centre tilt, offset tilt and the clear view rod systems - which allows for more movement when the louvres open and close.

    UPVC - Waterproof Range

    Suited for wet rooms or areas of high moisture content, our UPVC core composite shutters offer a smooth finish.

    Unlike timber, UPVC shutters are resistant to moisture so can be installed in any room.

    They do not warp, peel or flake and are also more hygienic. Using new technology during the painting process allows for our UPVC to be finished in the same high grade polyurethane finishes, meaning no matter if you choose a solid wood or a waterproof shutter, to the naked eye the finish will be consistent.

    Our waterproof range is available in any colour and includes stainless steel hinges as standard to prevent rusting.

    Basswood Hardwood

    Basswood offers exceptional stability and tightly-spaced growth rings. It is a high-density hardwood and offers additional strength compared to our Paulownia range, making it perfect for high access areas or large installations. It offers stability due to its engineered core which reduces the possibility of warping.

    Our basswood range is available in 38.1mm stile - making it the smallest stile available in the UK.

    Camberley Shutters
    • Full heightSplit with a middle rail, you get more control over light filtration with top and bottom operation.

    • Tier-on-tierPanels stacked on the top and bottom make adjusting your shutters a breeze.

    • Bay windowsWith specially designed frames, bay window shutters can be crafted for three, five and seven-sided windows.

    • Splay bayOur internal window shutters can be crafted for these uniquely British window styles.

    • Café styleLeaving the top half of the window unshuttered, you create a continental feel with plenty of light, but control over privacy.

    • BypassWhether privacy screens or room dividers, our bypass system is the perfect sliding solution.

    • Bi-foldTo complement your bi-fold doors, our shutters can be made to concertina in tandem.

    • WardrobeSolid bases, panels and fixed louvres can all be crafted specially for robust but elegant wardrobes.

    • SolidFor a traditional, classic finish, solid shutters are available - popular in the UK for over 200 years.

    • French doorsFixed and specially cut to suit your doors, the French door shutter solution is both elegant and practical.

    • CurvedOur shutters can be tailored to any shape or angle, whether it’s for a gable, circle or sloping window.

    • Tall and curvedLarge windows with curved tops can also be shuttered to meet exact measurements - they can also be automated for ease of use.

    • ConservatoryWith control over light and warmth, conservatory shutters designed with engineered panels offer a high-quality finish.

  • S:CRAFT can help you to create the look you've always wanted to match your décor, whether it's contemporary and sleek, traditional, or colourful. All shutters are made to measure, so can be supplied for almost any shape and size of window.

    Although we tend to associate shutters with traditional houses and rural living, they're also ideal for urban homes; they're popular choices for bedrooms, bathrooms and street-facing windows. They come in a wide range of colours and finishes, and a custom colour option gives you even more choice.

    Shutters can provide complete privacy when shut, allow you partial privacy to let the light in, or be opened completely. Each panel can be independently adjusted to temper the light. Shutter panels can be divided into independently-controlled sections, allowing natural light in but keeping unwelcome attention out.

    Shutters add an additional layer to your glazing; they not only block out light, but help reduce noise levels too. They're low maintenance, quick and easy to clean, and potentially helpful for anyone with dust allergies - they won't hold dust in the way that curtain fabrics can.

    Shutters help keep you cool during the summer but also retain heat during cold weather. They're ideal for awkward-shaped windows (even curved or angled windows, such as portholes and gables for example), as they're specially made to fit.

    All S:CRAFT shutters are given six coats of paint or stain to give a tough, lustrous finish and to help prevent fading - as the final layer is UV protected.

    Tilt rods can be centred, or offset to the left or right. For a contemporary look, a hidden tilt rod option is also available. For out-of-reach areas and large spanning windows, you might want to consider the remote control louvre option; each shutter section contains a magic eye and motor, enabling individual or multiple-panel control.

  • Although shutters can be designed to fit windows of almost any size and shape, the most common installations are square or rectangular. If this applies to you, then you can use the following guide to measure up, then simply take your measurements into our shop.

    Our staff are able to provide you with an initial quote and discuss your requirements. For all other shapes and styles, we can send out our S:CRAFT-trained surveyor to provide an estimate.

    Please note down all measurements in millimetres; this will help you to gain a good idea of the end-price of your shutters. We will need to carry out a proper survey, should you wish to proceed, so that your surveyor can obtain all the detailed information needed to give you an accurate price and ensure a perfect fit.

    A. Width

    Measure the width in three places and note the smallest measurement

    B. Height

    Measure the height in three places and note the smallest measurement



    The ANTIGUA is our entry-level product manufactured in MDF, covered in patented coating. Due to its weight, it is not suitable for larger, unsupported window installations.


    The BERMUDA is a painted MDF which provides the shutter with a more natural finish than the standard product, and more closely resembles the finish of a hardwood shutter.


    Real hardwood shutters at a cost-conscious price, our CUBA range is fantastic value. Aesthetically beautiful in both painted and stained finishes.


    Our FIJI range is ideal for today’s trend towards natural textures and relaxed, washed interiors.


    JAVA is made from hard-wearing ABS and is 100% waterproof, so it’s ideal for bathrooms and other wet areas.


    Our SUMATRA range is manufactured from S:CRAFT’s white teak and is of the finest quality timber. Made with care and finished to perfection, S:CRAFT products are of the highest build quality, with craftsmanship guaranteed for three years.

    Larch, bass and cedarwood shutters include a custom colour option. For an additional fee, you can select from a much larger range of colours than standard, providing thousands of alternatives; or, S:CRAFT can colour-match any swatch you provide.

    The right choice of louvre size is essential to creating the perfect look. S:CRAFT offer six options, including a solid shutter version and a special s-shaped louvre for ultimate light exclusion. When choosing your louvre size, it's really down to personal choice. You'll need to decide which size best suits your project, while allowing the louvres to be opened without making contact with your window. Your S:CRAFT surveyor will be able to help you make that decision.

    Options available:

    • 32mm
    • 47mm
    • 64mm
    • 76mm
    • 89mm
    • 114mm
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Built to perfection Guaranteed to last

Using unique production methods, such as transverse multi-ply stiles, we can ensure that S:CRAFT shutter panels are unlikely to bow or wrap. And for added strength we use only mortise and tenon joints. This also helps to minimise any panel movement which may cause hairline cracking of paint finishes at the joint. For further protection, we also engineer the shutter panels with a grooved overlap to mask and absorb any joint expansions.

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Where expectations are realised every step of the way

S:CRAFT shutters and blinds are made to the highest standards and therefore we're proud to offer 1 year's guarantee on our blinds and 3 year's guarantee on our shutters to help safeguard your investment and provide you peace of mind.


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