If you’re new to the concept of plantations shutters, then you have indeed stopped by at the right place!

In this brief beginner’s guide, we’re going to share the essentials of what plantations shutters are, the different types available, how they are used and some of the benefits. 

Plantations Shutters – What are they?

Plantations shutters are slatted, wooden blinds that are housed inside their own frame and drilled to your door frame or window sill. Owing to their versatility, they are available in a variety of styles, such as plantations shutters blackout, plantations shutters for bay windows, plantations shutters for patio doors, plantations shutters for French doors and plantations shutters café style. 

The slats, which are also known as louvres, can be conveniently tilted from a fully closed to a fully open position, allowing you to experiment with the level of light, air and privacy you want in your room.   

What’s their origin?

Plantation shutters got their name from Southern America, where shutters were commonplace in mansions built on vast cotton and sugar plantations. However, their true origin goes back to the Ancient Greece and Medieval era – a time when solid shutters were made from materials like marble and wood – where they were used for protection against weather and other threatening elements. 

Are there benefits to installing plantation shutters today?

There certainly are! They’re one of the most flexible, durable and versatile window dressing options currently available and offer a solid advantage over traditional blinds and curtains due to the following:

  • They offer superb privacy without compromising a room’s lighting. Curtains or blinds need to be drawn back completely to let light in, compromising privacy – but shutters offer the best of both worlds because you only need to tilt half the slats to let light in, while passers-by will not be able to see what or who’s inside your room.  
  • They provide good sound insulation, muffling the sound of traffic and other ‘noise factors’, making them a great choice if you live in a busy city with a road or street-facing window. 
  • Not only that, but they are also a good insulator in general – so when it gets cold, they will keep the cold out, and when it’s warm outside, they’ll prevent the heat from entering your room.
  • They offer fantastic ventilation without affecting security or privacy. For instance, on warm and sunny days, you can keep your slats and windows open while still enjoying more than adequate security for your family, young ones and pets. 
  • They are visually very elegant and minimalist, and blend in seamlessly with your home’s aesthetics, without begging too much attention, the way curtains or blinds do. 

Closing thoughts

Whether you’re interested in plantations shutters for bifold doors, plantations shutters for bedroom windows, plantations shutters doors or plantations shutters café style, now you know why they are the preferred choice for most homeowners.

They are an excellent investment as they last decades and even increase the overall value of your home.  

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