Our bedroom is the one place which we can truly call our sanctuary. A place where we can just leave all our worries at the door and get our much-needed deep relaxation and rest.

In order to get a good night’s rest and get the deep relaxation that our body so badly needs, it’s a good idea to consider blackout shutters as they completely eliminate the possibility of any light flooding into the room, no matter what time of day it is. Research has shown that sleeping in a completely dark and cool room can have amazing recuperative and healing effects on the body.

Standard plantation shutters are a great option to begin with, but they will rarely give you the pitch blackness that total blackout shutters do.

Total room darkening – do I need it?

Even though people tend to have their own lighting preferences around bedtime or at other times, such as when watching a movie, window blackout solutions are specifically designed to benefit you in a variety of circumstances. For instance:

  • Adults who suffer from insomnia, sleep disturbances or those who generally find it problematic falling asleep at night – and find it more refreshing to nap during the day.
  • People living in a bright city full of lights, which can keep them awake at night. Neon signs and bright lights coming from shopping centres and commercial buildings can be a real nuisance.
  • Those who have dedicated home entertainment rooms, where light needs to be blocked out completely in order to have a cinematic experience.
  • Blackout blinds or blackout window shutters can really help night workers who require restful sleep during the day in order to feel well-rested for the next night shift.
  • Restless children who tend to spring out of bed the moment light floods into the room. Blackout blinds can keep them fast asleep in the early morning hours.

Are there other benefits to getting Blackout Shutters?

Absolutely! Blackout shutters will give you:

Complete privacy

Total blackout shutters are manufactured using a thick material, which not only effectively blocks out all light from getting into the room, but also prevents any light from leaking out, which could potentially lead to invasion of privacy.
Blackout blinds are, therefore, perfect for bedrooms and bathrooms where even shadows cannot be seen, giving you full privacy at all times.

Lower energy bills

The thicker material used in made to measure blackout window shutters insulates your room very well, blocking any draughts from entering the room and retaining the heat during winters. In summer, they help keep a room cool, since all that heat and warm, humid air stays nicely locked outside your room.
So, as you can see, blackout windows shutters are not only ideal for sleeping in the dark, but also for keeping you very cosy and comfortable throughout the year.


If you live in the Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire or Bedfordshire area, you can enjoy all the above benefits with our superb shutter installation service.  Simply contact us to arrange your free consultation.

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