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Window Shutter Materials

Measuring for Shutters

Although shutters can be designed to fit windows of almost any size and shape, the most common installations are square or rectangular. If this applies to you, then you can use the following guide for accurate measuring; then simply take your measurements into our shop.

Our staff will be able to provide you with an initial quote, and run through your requirements. For all other shapes and styles, we can send out our s craft trained surveyor to do an estimate.

Please note down all measurements in millimetres; this will help you to gain a good idea of the end price of your shutters. we will need to carry out a proper survey should you wish to proceed, so that your surveyor can obtain all the detailed information needed to give you an accurate price and ensure a perfect fit.

A. Width

Measure the width in 3 places and note the smallest measurement

B. Height

Measure the height in 3 places and note the smallest measurement

measuring windows for shutters

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