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Porchester Security Shutters

The new S:CRAFT aluminium Portchester Range of security shutters delivers safety and style in equal measures. It offers an additional layer of window protection if you want to enhance home security, but don’t wish to compromise on elegance.

Whilst the Portchester range looks just like our normal elegant plantation shutters, there’s one clear difference. They also have a lock and key.

Manufactured in South Africa, where home security is a high priority, these robust shutters are designed with both protection and poise in mind.

It means you have an elegant alternative to installing heavy traditional security grilles, roller shutters or burglar bars.

These options may be a clear visual deterrent, but they aren’t the ideal solution. They often block out the light and look severe and industrial.

S:CRAFT Portchester shutters are different. They operate just like our other ranges and are available in most styles including full height, bi-fold and bypass.

There’s a hidden tilt rod, so the louvres can be operated by hand rather than by moving a rod up and down. This creates a sleek, modern design with elegant contours and clean lines.

When locked, the louvres still work as before but the panels can’t be opened. So you can leave your windows open at night, for example, or protect a more vulnerable window or room in their property.

While Portchester shutters may not be a visual deterrent to intruders (unlike their traditional counterparts), they do provide a stylish, yet robust additional layer of protection to homes.

  • Patented strip-proof Italian locks (with double key turn) that operate locking bolts to secure both the top and the bottom of the shutters simultaneously

  • A choice between a master key or multiple keys per order

  • Intruder resistant powder-coated top and bottom guide system prevent shutters being lifted out of channels

  • We also offer a locking system accessible from both sides of the shutter as an optional feature

Key features:

  • 89mm louvres
  • Available in satin white, charcoal and light grey
  • Silent tilt – no visible tilt rod
  • Available in hinged, bi-fold and by-pass styles
  • Patented Italian lock
  • 5 year manufacturer warranty (3 year for external shutters)

Suitable for:

  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • Room dividers
  • Patio or conservatory doors
  • More vulnerable windows

Every shutter is custom made and tailored to meet client requirements because every window and door is unique.

Specifically designed to be a close match to our non-security shutters, making it easy to mix security shutters and non-security
shutters in the same home, whilst maintaining a consistent look and feel throughout your home.

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