• Measuring during Home Visit for Shutter Installation
  • Installation of Shutters

Window Shutter Materials

Shutter Frame Options

The type of windows you have will normally determine the shutter type most suitable for your installation. Our surveyors consider all the options available to you and will make recommendations during their visit to your home.

Windows which open inwards require different shutters to outwards opening styles. The size and depth of your window latches, handles and door furniture will also have an impact on the most suitable shutters for your home.

Inside Recess

inside recess shutters

Our most common installation type. With this type od installation, the shutter frame sits inside the wall hollow. This style can’t fold back flat against your wall.

Once installed, homeowners more usually leave the shutters in place and adjust the louvres as required.

Edge of Recess

edge of recess shutter installations

This type of installation sites your shutters flush to your wall. This installation allows you to fold your shutters back against the wall when required.

With this design, you won’t be able to see your window sill with shutters closed, but they do create clean and perfect lines in place.

Outside Recess

outside of recess shutter installation

If your windows open inwards, or in situations where there is little or no depth in your window recess, this type of install is ideal.

Shutters will still fold back, against your wall.

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