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How are window shutters installed?

When was the last time you stopped to look at the windows in your home? Are you thinking about installing shutters in your home? You may be wondering how shutters are installed! 

While some households opt for curtains traditionally, there is a revolution of homeowners that look for other alternatives such as shutters – after all, curtains require regular cleaning and are dust catchers, which can mean aggravated symptoms for those with allergies. And if you choose plastic blinds, they just never seem to hang right.

Plantation shutters have been around for quite a while and maybe just the thing to give your room that “wow” factor. But before you can stop to admire them or enjoy the plethora of benefits they offer, it’s important to understand how installing window shutters works.

Fitting shutters on a DIY basis can be a mistake as it can result in rather costly corrective work, so it’s always best to hire an installation expert near you.

Here’s what we recommend you do when installing plantation shutters:

Get a Shutter Survey done

The right material, a precise fit, the correct style of bespoke shutters, etc. – all of this and more requires expert insights.

When choosing a company for installing made-to-measure window shutters, work with someone willing to carry out a shutter survey. They should also tell you about the kind of bespoke shutters that are ideal for specific areas of your home.

With the range of shapes, designs, and color combinations available, it really pays to talk to an expert for installing window shutters. With us, for instance, our team will carry out a complete shutter survey and design your bespoke shutters according to the aesthetics of your living spaces as well as your personal requirements.

As soon as your plantation shutter supplier arrives, you will realize how important it is to get the installation done by an expert. They will explain the kind of styles that are ideal for your space along with shutter material types, and much more.

Installation Plantation Shutters – How it works

Once you’ve been given the shutter installation cost, your plantation shutter company will start crafting your bespoke shutters, with an estimated delivery time of 8-10 weeks.

When they’re ready, your installer will come to fit your brand new plantation shutters, ensuring that they fit on the window frame perfectly. They will then show you how to properly use them, along with cleaning and maintenance tips, so that they last throughout their intended lifespan.

At Impact Interiors, we offer free shutter surveys and made to measure plantation shutters to help you get the perfect bespoke shutters according to your home décor. We strictly follow SOPs for safe home visits and will make installation plantation shutters absolutely effortless for you.   

Hanging shutters is easy when you rely on a supplier who has years of experience installing plantation shutters in a variety of homes. Call now to get a free quote.

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