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Conservatory Shutters


Cafe Style Shutters

Key Features:

  • Privacy and security
  • Accentuate windows
  • Control the heat and light in your conservatory

Suitable for:

  • Conservatories and sun rooms
  • Conservatories requiring extra privacy
  • Rooms with large exposed windows

Many people automatically choose blinds for their conservatory. However shutters can be the perfect choice for any size or shaped conservatory, garden room or orangery. 

Privacy, light and heat control

As much as we love the heat, light and the views that comes with having a conservatory, sometimes you need privacy. Shutters can be designed to fit any shape and can come with a hidden split giving you greater control over privacy and light. 

During the summer and winter months, the sunshine can be too overpowering. Installing conservatory shutters enable you to use your  conservatory more in the evenings when it’s darker, more in the summer when it’s hotter. 

Temperature control is also important for conservatories and shutters are well known for keeping the cold out and the heat in.


You can achieve the classic look by installing hardwood shutters, or go for a more modern look with our contemporary colour ranges from white to grey. 

Either way, we can accommodate any shape or conservatory design. Why not get us in for a no obligation quotation? We offer a price match guarantee, which means we will beat any like for like quote! Read more about it here.

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