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Benefits Of Plantation Shutters With a Hidden Split

There are many benefits of having plantation shutters with a hidden split, and there are many reasons why they are so popular. From increased privacy to a warm, natural light that is in your control and not too overpowering due to a hidden tilt rod, plantation shutters that have a hidden split are becoming increasingly desired.

Below we have listed our top 5 benefits of having plantation shutters with a hidden split, so you can work out if they are what you need in your home or office.


The benefits



With these modern, full height shutters with a hidden split, your privacy will never be under question.  Whether you want complete darkness and privacy when getting dressed in the mornings, or simply prefer having them closed at night time when you’re unwinding after a long day, plantation shutters with a hidden split are an excellent choice.  



Thanks to the clever easy-tilt feature of these shutters, it has never been simpler to adjust them to your specific taste. On the days that you desire more privacy or sleep in the room, you can easily adjust the angle at which the bottom half of the shutters are slanted closed. When you require more natural light to brighten up your room, you can conveniently change the height so the split louvres allow the natural light to come into the room.



If hidden tilt rods aren’t to your specific style or taste, and you aren’t too bothered about the tilt rods being on display or not, there are several different options available for you.  All of the different options will allow you to control the amount of light that comes into a room,  whilst still allowing you the same level of privacy and convenience. Examples of these can include mid-rails, and café style window shutters.


Choice in Positioning

Having guests over will feel like a whole new comfortable experience, thanks to the shutters.  Anyone seated will be completely covered and hidden from passing members of the public outside of the window. Regardless of when you open or close your shutters during the day,  the choice is yours to adapt them depending on your situation.



Although primarily used on full-length windows, plantation shutters can be used on a range of different windows. Whether you need a wide horizontal one for an office window, or wall size full length shutters for privacy, there are many options available to cater for your specific circumstances.

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