Plantation Shutters



  • Smart and elegant for your doors and windows
  • Increased insulation
  • Light control in rooms

Suitable for:

  • Rooms needing privacy
  • Period properties
  • Rooms with large exposed windows

Plantation shutters have a very interesting history. The word “Plantation” has very negative connotations, with its history firmly placed in the south of America, where landowners would produce sugar and cotton and force this hard labor on their slaves. The farm dwellings often installed shutters at the windows, to help with the heat and the insects that populated the area.

However, should this dark history really be associated with Plantation shutters? No! Window shutters actually originated long before the USA even existed.

A few thousand years ago back in Roman times, shutters were used in place of glass which was an expensive commodity that was only used by the rich classes. Shutters were not installed because of their looks, they were instead installed for their practical uses, keeping out the weather and the local wildlife.

Nowadays, shutters are still installed for their practical features, but also because they look smart and elegant. With a huge choice available in color and design, Shutter installation has grown in popularity.

Plantation shutters have been proven to help keep your home energy efficient, by keeping out the cold and keeping in the warm, as they are fitted to the window and sealed around the edges. You can also control the light that comes into your room, making the most of the various angles you can adjust the slates, and choosing a hidden split, which gives you the option to close one half of the window, whilst keeping open the other half.

So just like the clever Romans, we are choosing shutters for our houses to be practical, but also because we love the style it affords.

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