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  • wooden plantation shutters
    We supply and fit high quality, MDF and wooden shutters
  • cafe style plantation shutters
    Café Style Window Shutters
    Perfect for providing privacy while still allowing lots of light into the room
  • full height plantation
    Tracked Shutters
  • hard wood plantation
    Full Height Shutters
  • nursery window shutters
  • blackout bedroom shutters
    Blackout / Room Darkening Shutters
    Integrated inner blinds provide room darkening for bedrooms and areas where you need a blackout effect
  • bay window shutters
  • bespoke painted shutters
  • shutters-banner-1040-11c
    Bathroom Shutter Installation
  • bedroom dark shade shutters
    Room Darkening Shutters
  • aluminium lockable shutters
    Lockable Aluminium Security Shutters

Our Shire Range of shutters

Bedfordshire (Paulownia hardwood)

Our best selling shutters and the most used hardwood. Paulownia is an incredibly sustainable material.

As it is by far the fastest growing hardwood tree in the world, allowing regrowth within seven years.

Paulownia is native to Southeast Asia.

The Paulownia tree has deep roots, perfect for stability, making it strong.

Paulownia wood is knot free and makes it a good choice for many buyers. Paulownia trees are disease resistant and have a high temperature resistance.

Hertfordshire (Basswood)

Is one of the most desired types of woods used to make shutters. Basswood provides durability and stability and is more dense than Paulownia.

Cambridgeshire (UPVC)

Suitable for bathrooms and wet rooms our man made UPVC will have more longevity than wooden and mdf shutters.

Our UPVC range is finished using the same paints as the hardwoods to give a non plastic look & feel, co-ordinating with the rest of the shutters in our ranges.