Top 5 Window Blinds To Keep You Cool

Well the summer is finally here, and the temperatures have been soaring recently. This makes for lovely long, lazy days (if you have the luxury of not being in work!!) outside in the sunshine, but unfortunately it can make for uncomfortable temperatures inside, especially if you have a conservatory which can be one-step away from an oven!!

But never fear, help can be at hand in the form of beautiful, versatile window blinds. This weekend , we look at the top 5 blinds for keeping you cool this summer.

5. Vertical Blinds 

Vertical Blinds to Reduce the Summer Heat

No list of blinds would be complete without the popular and flexible vertical blinds. These work fantastically as a window covering, they offer many options in terms of light control and privacy.

We offer 100’s of fabrics, patterns and colours, and can now offer performance fabrics, that can greatly reduce both the glare and heat coming through the fabric. For maximum heat reduction, we recommend blackout fabrics.

These cut out a great deal of light, but also cut out a huge amount of light coming into the room, so ideal for fighting the summer sun!

4. Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds are wonderful at reducing heat in the room.

Coming in at number four on our list are the beautiful venetian blinds. These are available in both aluminium and wood, and also come in a range of slat sizes.

For effective heat control, especially in hot conservatories, we recommend the aluminium venetian blinds as wood could warp with excessive heat.

Because the slats can be tilted, the light and heat control of these blinds are excellent, and when they are fully closed they perform very similar to blackout fabric blinds, They come in a huge array of colours and finishes to create the desired effect you require!

Also available in our motorised options so cordless!

3. Roller

Keep you home cool this summer with roller blinds

Number 3 on our list are the wonderfully simple roller blinds. If a performance fabric, or better still a blackout material, then these works fantastically well at keeping out the summer heat.

Because they are a solid sheet of fabric across the window, they are slightly more effective at reducing the heat than the vertical and venetian blinds.

There are now some stunning blackout prints available in the roller range, and rollers maximise the window ledge space more effectively than the vertical and venetian.

Plus they are child-safe as we fit all blinds with cord tidies to keep them out of the way of little hands!
Also available in our motorised options so cordless!

2. Vision Blinds

Vision roller blinds keep your home nice and cool.

Vision blinds are a almost a hybrid of both roller and venetian blinds.

Sometimes referred to as ‘night and day’ blinds, these stunning blinds are a dual layer roller blind that can provide total privacy and heat reduction, but by moving them slightly, the stripes on the fabric move from overlapping slightly to overlapping completely to allow light through the clear separator panels – giving the visual look of a venetian blind.

This wonderful innovation comes with a huge range of fabrics, including blackout, which greatly reduces the suns heat!
Also available in our motorised options so cordless!

1. Perfect Fit / Intu Blinds

Perfect fit blinds are ideal or reducing heat and glare.

Top of the shop has to be the perfect fit blinds.

These will always come out at the top (or very close to) most lists of effective window coverings, due to their versatility, style and quite simply the brilliance of the design. The blinds can be installed with out any drilling or damage to the window frame/plaster, they keep windowcills clutter free, are child/pet friendly, and best of all they look amazing.

They are available in pleated, roller and venetian styles, all of which are hugely effective in reducing the summer heat.

Allied to this the massive choice of colours, patterns and textures, perfect fit are simply amazing!

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