Types of Curtains

If windows are the eyes of the home this makes curtains the eyebrows. This makes them arguably even more important, since, like on the face, they frame and shape a room. Like great eyebrows, they come in many shapes and forms.

Let’s be clear about what curtains are.

Unlike drapes (their close window furnishing cousin), curtains usually feature thinner fabrics—though they can still be lined to block out light and preserve warmth—they hang from a curtain rod or track installed above the window or space and extend to the floor. This can be over blinds or shutters if the purpose is to blackout the room and provide privacy.

Curtains for The Bedroom

Bedroom curtains are the perfect way to create a private haven. A curtain with the right lining, length, fabric, and colour can add a sense of comfort or sophistication to any bedroom. Before anything else, especially with bedroom curtains, make sure your choice of curtain does not compromise your privacy. Quality curtains will keep your room airy and bright while still managing to offer privacy.

Curtains for The Kitchen

Kitchen windows tend to get overlooked as we focus on more exciting design decisions such as choosing appliances and finding the perfect layout. The kitchen is the heart of your home and deserves the best window dressing befitting a room so important. Our high-quality kitchen curtain options are amazing value and we have an incredibly diverse range which includes net curtains, cafe panels, sheer curtains and elegant traditional curtains. We’ll make sure you have a fabric that isn’t odour absorbent!

Curtains for Bay Windows

Curtain poles for bay windows can be expensive and tricky to fit around curves and bends, our team are experts in perfecting the look you want for your bay window. So how to hang them? Hang a pair of curtains at the middle window and then frame each side with another curtain. This brings the focus to the bay, and tie back hooks fitted high up will allow the curtains to be gathered in an attractive swash of fabric.

Kid-Friendly Curtains

Curtains or shutters? Venetians or rollers? When it comes to window furnishings, there’s no shortage of wonderful options. When you throw a toddler into the mix, things can get messy. You’ll want something chic but need something safe – pretty but practical. Before you know it, something as simple as curtains can turn into a big headache.

Unsure where to start? We’ve got you – and your windows – covered! We’ll help you to make a safe and stylish choice.

Lined Curtains

Privacy, insulation and style? Yes, please! Lined curtains are designed to be noise cancelling, heat insulating, and fully light blocking. If, for example, you’re planning for your living room to also be a home entertainment centre, 100% blackout-lined curtains would definitely be your best bet.

Why Choose Us?

Whether you are in Hitchin, Letchworth, Shefford, or further afield in Bedfordshire or Hertfordshire, you can contact us today for more details or to arrange your free home visit and measuring service. Make sure you’re following our social media service updates. Feel free to call us now with your approximate sizes and to view our many fabrics, poles and tracks where we can give you an on the spot quotation.



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